Top 11 Best Garage Door Repair And Installation Services In Palmdale, California (CA) State

The garage door is there to protect and secure the home from outside influences. If any issues with garage doors develop, it is a cause for alarm.

In that case, you’ll need to select a reputable service provider to ensure your security.

If you live in Palmdale, California, you have a number of alternatives for enhancing or repairing your garage door. There is a slew of garage door repair businesses in the area. But isn’t it difficult to locate someone trustworthy?

Worry no more. In this article, I added the best 11 reliable garage door installation and repair companies in Palmdale, California based on their reputation, and customer service.

To know more, read the article and find a good one for you. 

Best Garage Door Repair In Palmdale, California

#1 Tahar Garage Door Repair Services

Since 2015, Tahar Garage Door Repair Services has been servicing the residents of Palmdale and Lancaster. They employ high-quality, long-lasting materials. All materials and labors come with a warranty.

They can handle anything from a little mishap to the installation of a whole new garage door. They provide prompt and free estimates.

Tahar Garage Door Services specializes in all aspects of garage doors and delivers great customer service. Their average rating is 5, which is quite good. 

One consumer reported that his garage door cable and springs were broken, so he called this service. The cost was reasonable, and the service was excellent.

Another consumer reported that his opener had malfunctioned. The technicians were courteous and accommodating. They were able to quickly resolve the issue.

Business Information:

#2 TEC Services Garage Door Repair

TEC Services Garage Door Repair is a company that specializes in garage door installation, garage door repair, and other garage door services. They serve the inhabitants of Palmdale and the nearby areas with high-quality garage door services.

Their expertise lies in taking the time to learn about their customers’ needs, budgets, and other criteria. Then they offer the best garage door solutions for their house or business.

They have a 4.4 average rating. During my study, I discovered that the majority of clients were satisfied with their service. Customers describe technicians as trustworthy, polite, and honest.

Customers applauded their professionalism in large numbers. Their reaction is very fast. They comprehend and provide prompt solutions to any issues. The price is reasonable.

Business Information:

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#3 Premier Garage Doors

Premier Garage Doors specializes in garage door sales, installation, and repair. They take satisfaction in their authenticity, loyalty, and ability to complete tasks efficiently.

To provide the finest service to consumers, they exclusively use high-quality products from well-known manufacturers. You can find them available at any time of the day.

Since the beginning, Premier Garage Doors Service has worked hard to provide the most dependable and cost-effective garage door repairs to its consumers. Since 1977, the company’s founder has worked in the garage door sector.

Customer reviews are positive, demonstrating the company’s dedication to quality, dependability, and price. Customers praise this service for its promptness.

According to customers, the experts are knowledgeable, efficient, and professional. The price is also fair. 

Business Information:

#4 A Plus Garage Doors

A Plus Garage Doors provides inexpensive and dependable garage door maintenance, repairs, and installs to Palmdale and the Antelope Valley. The company is fully licensed and bonded.

It was founded in 1998. John W. is the business owner. If you have an emergency, they will respond immediately and will provide speedy service. 

The majority of consumers are pleased with their low prices and timely service. Technicians are courteous and professional.

One consumer stated that he had utilized this service numerous times. The proprietor is conscientious and takes pride in his job.

According to another consumer, John won’t sell you more than you require. He also mentioned that one of John’s best qualities is his ability to prioritize emergencies.

Business Information:

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#5 AC Garage Doors

AC Garage Doors is a family-owned business. They provide commercial, residential, and industrial door and operator service, repair, and installation.

Their specialty is that they offer a large range of high-quality products at an affordable price. They provide ongoing training to its skilled installers in order to maintain their excellent standards.

AC Garage Doors has a 4.4 out of 5 star rating. I discovered a large number of delighted consumers. However, some customers have stated that certain issues were the source of their displeasure.

The experts are knowledgeable, and efficient, according to the majority of consumers. However, several users stated that they will not use the service due to the additional expenses.

Some clients complained that the service’s response time was insufficient.

Business Information:

  • Address: 39450 3rd St E #120, Palmdale, CA 93550
  • Phone: +1 (661) 944-9333
  • E-mail:
  • Website:
  • Facebook: ACGarageDoors

#6 Brooke’s Garage Doors & Painting

Brooke’s Garage Doors & Painting has been delivering high-quality garage doors, painting, and other construction services since 2002. If you have any garage door problems, you can contact them.

They are, nevertheless, one of the greatest possibilities in California if you want to paint your garage door. They paint interior, exterior, business, and residential doors and have 15 years of experience.

The service has a 4.6 overall rating. The majority of clients are pleased with their service.

Many customers have commented about how quick the service is and how professional, polite, and informed the professionals are. The price is affordable.

However, only a small percentage of clients expressed their discontent. This service, according to one of them, was amateurish. Because they didn’t finish what they were supposed to do.

Business Information:

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#7 Roll-Rite Garage Door

Roll-Rite Garage Door serves the Palmdale, Lancaster, and Rosamond areas. It is a major garage door manufacturer, repairer, and installer. It’s a corporation that’s fully insured.

They can replace garage door rollers, repair faulty springs, and install garage door openers. Other services are also available related to garage doors.

You will find them ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to repair any garage door issue.

Roll-Rite Garage Door’s major goal is to achieve client satisfaction and provide excellent service. Customers claim that technicians are quick and professional in their services.

According to one customer, the employees are pleasant. They are informed about the demands of their customers and take the time to listen and try to answer all questions.

Business Information:

#8 Expert Garage Doors & Gates, Inc.

Expert Garage Doors & Gates, Inc. is a family-owned, reliable garage door repair service. They install and repair all types of residential garage doors.

You may deal with a variety of problems. With their ten years of experience, they can solve any difficulty. They also offer after-hours assistance.

Expert Garage Doors strives to provide quality care to all of its clients. They ensure customer satisfaction with their rapid response and service assurance. During my investigation, I discovered the authenticity of their speech.

One consumer stated that he contacted the company to repair his garage door. The technician was dispatched right away. He inspected the garage door completely and replaced the springs.

Another client stated that their service is fantastic at repairing garage door problems.

Business Information:

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#9 Hilton Garage Door Repair Palmdale

In Palmdale, California, and the surrounding areas, Hilton Garage Door Repair Palmdale offers garage door and gate repairs and replacements. It is a family-owned and runs company.

They have a competent team that offers high-quality service at reasonable pricing. You will find them available at any time of day or night, seven days a week.

This service has a 4.9 average rating and a large number of satisfied clients. Customers said their response time is quick. In addition, the staff was courteous, professional, and on time.

The service is reasonably priced. Many consumers have stated that the garage door technicians arrive on time and adhere to a fixed schedule. They also provide an estimate of the overall cost before beginning the work.

Business Information:

#10 A V Overhead

A V Overhead is a well-known garage door repairing and installation company. Since 2005, this service has been providing its service in the Palmdale area. They have a total of 4 employees working in the company. 

They have a 3.7-star rating on average. I found a lot of happy consumers. They claim that the experts are knowledgeable and friendly and that they received quality service.

However, I’ve seen that a sizable portion of their consumers is dissatisfied with their service. Service, according to some of them, is costly.

Many of them commented that this is an excellent spot to look for garage parts. However, a few customers advised that purchasers inspect the items before purchasing.

Business Information:

  • Address: 654 E Rancho Vista Blvd # A, Palmdale, CA 93550
  • Phone: +1 (661) 947-5286
  • E-mail:
  • Website:
  • Facebook: AVOverhead

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#11 Astra Garage Door Repair Palmdale

Astra Garage Door Repair Palmdale is one of the most famous garage door repair and installation services. They also serve by garage door opener repair, spring repair & replacement.

This service provides a guarantee and warranty for any work. They have skilled experts that are well-versed in garage doors. You can reach out to them for a good service at a reasonable and dependable price.

Customer service is good. One client stated that he contacted this company for help with his garage door. Technicians thoroughly examined his garage door and were able to identify the problem.

Another client stated that his garage door was not working properly and that he had called the service. Immediately, technicians arrive. They identified the issue and provided a replacement at a fair cost.

Business Information:

Over To You

I did everything I could to help you find a dependable garage door service in Palmdale, California. I hope it aids you in your search for a suitable service provider.

Have you used the services of any of the 11 businesses? If that’s the case, please tell us about your experience.

Which of the 11 services did you enjoy the most, and what factors influenced your decision? Please leave your thoughts in the comments area below.

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