Top 12 Best Garage Door Repair And Installation Service In Corona, California (CA) State

Garage doors play an important role in both residence and office. To enhance the look of your house or office entrance and ensure safety, you have to choose the right garage door.

A professional and experienced service can help you to choose the best one according to your criteria.

Here I have made a list of the best garage door repair and installation services in Corona. I hope, it’ll be informative for you. 

Best Garage Door Repair In Corona, California State

#1 Corona Garage Door Repair 4 Less

Corona Garage Door Repair 4 Less, is a first-class local garage door company. They work professionally and personally.

They work with patience and understanding too as they go through the selection process of the garage door that matches customer’s houses and demand. The price of their service is so affordable.

They are ready to tackle all types of garage door problems using the latest technology. Besides repair and installation, they also provide other services including springs, parts repair and installation, track repair and replacement, electric and mechanical issues, operator replacement, and opener installation.

The entire working team is helpful. According to one of their customers, they are very happy with their service. They are also available on Sunday and provide same-day service. 

Business Details :

  • Full name: Corona Garage Door Repair 4 Less
  • Phone: +1 (951) 582-3962
  • Address: 1441, W 6th St #102c, Corona, CA 92882
  • Website: CoronaGarageDoorRepair

#2 Screenmobile 

Screenmobile is the best choice for installing and repairing all types of doors and windows in Corona. The products they provide may look simple but actually a highly engineered solutions for swinging doors and sliding patio doors.

It’s also with commercial fixed applications and fire release mechanisms. They provide various types of doors like Vista security doors, Titan security doors, Active security doors, Screen doors, Retractable Doors, Sliding Screen Doors, and Swinging doors.

Their restroom doors and windows keep the house safe from storms. The products they offer are premier pet-friendly, sun-protective, and large opening relatable.

Their professional and highly trained technicians fit all types and sizes of doors perfectly that must give you peace and security at home. Also, they provide Stainless Steel Mesh Security Doors which offer superior bug control and a screen that never rips or tears. The motto of the company is to satisfy its customer’s wants with comforts.

Business Details :

  • Full name: Screenmobile
  • Address: 1065, E 3rd St # 306, Corona, CA 92879
  • Phone: +1 (951) 681-6610
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Facebook:  Screenmobile
  • Youtube:  Screenmobile

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#3 Ranch House Doors

Ranch House doors started the journey holding the hand of Mike Neal, founder of the company. They basically redefine the entrance of the house providing premium wood doors that are in harmony with the architecture of the home.

To create custom-designed doors they combine high-quality materials, superior craftsmanship, and excellent customer service. Ranch house doors collections are– Spanish / Tuscany, Contemporary, Vintage, Classic Rail & Stile, and Cape Cod/craftsman.

They offer Full custom designs, the finest constructed doors, and design and handcraft carefully to satisfy customer’s needs. Also can find their Semi-Custom doors at an economical value that provide distinguishing looks of full custom garage doors.

As a truly authentic garage door, they provide a Swing outs and sliders also. For ease of installation and long-lasting beauty, their entry doors are composed of the finest materials and use a pre-hung entry door system. Keeping safety concerns in mind, they now offer custom doors built to uphold the guidelines of the California office of the State Fire Marshal. 

Business Details :

  • Full name: Ranch House Doors
  • Phone: +1 (951) 278- 2884
  • Address: 1527, Pomona Rd, Corona, CA 92880
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Facebook: RanchHouseDoor

#4 Advanced Iron Concepts

Advanced Iron Concepts was established in 1999. A family-owned business was incorporated in 2009. The company specializes in Decorative entrance doors, side gates, and driveway gates.

Both residential and commercial businesses are in their community. They do the design of decorative entrance doors, side gates, driveway gates, and also balcony rails, windows guards, fences, and decorative furniture.

They give their customers the opportunity to view the fabrication of products from start to finish visiting their premises. They provide Auto CAD drawings for customer’s review until they are satisfied.

They are ready to serve with their customized design. According to one of their satisfied customers, they do their work within a given time with awesome craftsmanship.

Their customers are also satisfied with the level of their communication. The process of their installation, quoting and purchase is amazing.

There is never a “hard sell” approach in their showroom, it’s very informative. No “back of the napkin” price quote is there and requires sign-off for its formal design document quota.

Business Details :

  • Full name: Advanced Iron Concepts
  • Phone: +1 (714) 476-2639
  • Address: 495, Rimpau Ave, Corona, CA 92879
  • Facebook: AdvancedIron

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#5 Protech Garage Doors LLC

Protech Garage Doors LLC is a newly established family-owned and operated company. Provide customers the finest level of service with full attention and are also dedicated to ensuring that they take care of their customers.

They specialize in garage door opener repairs, garage door spring repairs, overhead garage door repairs, and new garage door installation. Customers receive a free estimate before any work is done.

This company offers a 1- year warranty on all newly installed parts. They keep a wide collection of products that accommodate any garage door needs.

They can program phones and cars to garage door openers too. You can contact them for any type of problem with your garage doors.

There are various types of doors in their product list such as Universal Doors, Lexington Panel Door, Carriage House Door, and also various types of Custom Doors like Modern Flush Aluminum Door, Wood-like Door, Flush Door, Glassdoor.

Business Details :

  • Full name: Protech Garage Doors LLC
  • Phone: +1 (951) 466- 7900
  • Address: 13346, Los Robles Ct, Corona, CA 92880
  • Email:
  • Website:

#6 Clarks Garage Door & Gate Repair

Clarks Garage Doors & Gate Repair provide long-lasting service and products that look as elegant and polished as possible at an affordable price. The average cost of garage door repair is around 223 dollars but it’s not fixed.

The price varies on multiple factors. A professional garage door spring repair cost is from 200 to 300 Dollars.

A garage door opener’s cost depends on its condition. The average cost is around 100 dollars. the Glass fixing cost is around 75 dollars, sensor fixing cost of your garage door by a professional is between 150 to 200.

The cost of repairing also differs from garage door styles. For sectional garage doors repair, it may cost around 120 dollars on average, 130 dollars on average for carriage style doors repair, and 175 dollars on average for one-panel door repair.

The repairing cost differs with material as well. They also replace the garage door opener remote if necessary within 20 to 30 dollars and the keypad within 30 to 60 dollars.

Business Details :

  • Full name: Clarks Garage Doors and Gate Repair
  • Phone: +1 (951) 893-4221
  • Address: 357, N Sheridan St, Corona, CA 92880
  • Website:

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#7 Douglass Door Service

Douglass Door Service, a locally owned and operated business provides excellent service and quality garage door replacement parts and other related products as well. They are promising and determined to provide outstanding customer service, deliver quality workmanship, perform professional garage door opener installation, and use quality replacement parts.

They are always ready to provide service 27/7hrs for any unexpected garage door emergency. The company is bonded, licensed, and insured. They use doors and products of the best brands such as Genie & Raynor, Overhead doors, Craftsman Liftmaster, Marantec, Amarr, & more.

As they don’t work on commission, they give honest and reliable advice on all types of needs about garage door repair and installation. You can receive a free service call with a purchase of $200 or more from Douglass.

Business Details :

  • Full name: Douglass Door Service
  • Phone: +1 (909) 225-1622
  • Address: 387, Magnolia Ave Ste 103-242 Corona, CA 92879
  • Website:

#8 24/7 Riverside Garage Doors

24/7 Riverside Garage Doors Company, serving same-day service with the best result any day including weekends and holidays as customer satisfaction is their first priority. The company guarantees the best service at the best price.

They fix and replace all garage door broken springs, openers, all cables/hardware, doors off and also install all new Garage Doors, Commercial and residential. Their special technician helps customers to choose the best openers and other parts that their doors need within their budget.

The expert team of the company can fix any garage door openers of any brand such as Liftmaster, Wayne Dalton, genie, chamberlain, and many others. They replace old, broken, worn garage doors with the door that they order by their customer’s request and custom–made. They also have the sector of installation that might be needed for comfort in and around the house.

Business Details :

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#9 24 Corona Garage Door Repair

24 Corona Garage Door Repair a family-owned and operated Company started its journey in 1997. Experts in both residential, commercial, and electric garage doors repair and installation. They provide service 24/7 hours and don’t demand any additional fee for weakness and evening.

Their technicians are experienced and professional enough to fix or replace any garage door and automatic gate that is electrical. You can call them at any emergency as they provide emergency service too. Their every service cost such as repairing, purchasing rollers and newer springs and others is very affordable.

The majority of the folks choose the company more than others for their very powerful and excellent service at reasonable rates. The professionals direct their opening payments. Their well-trained, disciplined, skilled, and qualified fixing professionals are well experienced in using distinct garage door opening procedures.

Capable of solving Various types of garage door problems such as too loud door movements, automatic opening, spring alterations, hinge tightening together with issues of shutting and opening the doors. 

Business Details :

#10 Garage Doors & Gates 4U

Garage Doors & Gates 4U serves the community with over 20 years of combined professional experience in repairing and installing garage doors, garage door openers, and any kind of garage door-related problems in both residential and commercial applications.

They are quite popular in the area for the exceptional blend of work quality and affordable price. Their technician helps customers to select the right garage doors and installation among a wide selection of garage doors styles and colors according to their home, personal taste, and price range.

The company tries its best to protect the investment of the customers for as long as possible. Understanding the value of installing garage doors, openers, and other components with proper training, they provide professional garage door repair and maintenance services to avoid further damage and compromise of safety. 

Business Details :

  • Full name: Garage Doors & Gates 4U
  • Phone: +1 (951) 208-6767
  • Address: 357, N Sheridan St, Corona, CA 92880
  • Email:
  • Website:

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#11 Interstate Garage Doors

Interstate Garage Doors Company is always ready with their expert repair and installation technician to serve excellent service with the highest quality of products. The company strives to provide customers with even more options and better service than they already do for garage doors.

If you don’t understand the problem with your garage doors or what kind of service you need, feel free to call them as they are always here to give you the perfect advice and troubleshooting. They are determined to complete all work in one appointment if it’s possible knowing the value of your time.

It may look like every garage door repair and installation service is the same but it’s not. Each job is unique and deserves a customized approach and interstate maintains this.

For example superior products for commercial garage doors, weatherstripping for residential doors, various types of brands, styles, and color options of garage doors.

Business Details :

  • Full name: Interstate Garage Doors
  • Phone: +1 (951) 428-3361
  • Address: 712, N Main St #771h, Corona, CA 92880
  • Email:
  • Website:

#12 Golden Garage Door Service

Golden Garage Door Service holds the authoritative position as number one by creating a team of highly trained, educated, and knowledgeable technicians. They provide fast and efficient service to any garage door problems with their previous experience.

The common goal of the company is to provide a solution that passes a quality benchmark and lasts long. Their skilled technicians and experts are always at the forefront for the replacement, fixing, and installation of all unique garage doors.

They keep their focus on making sure the door installed is safe and valuables for customers. Each member of their crew gets a confidence boost for solving any garage door maintenance issue with the highest proficiency. 

They supply high-end brands products and doors as they maintain a healthy partnership with big brands manufacturers. They also can give you an emergency key-making service when you have been locked out.  

Business Details :

  • Full name: Golden Garage Door Service
  • Phone: +1 (951) 446-0431
  • Address: 23900, Temescal Canyon Rd #346g, Corona, CA 92883
  • Email:
  • Website:

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right Garage door repair and installation Company is quite difficult if there are lots of options. You have to choose according to your location, the service that you want, and your budget.

If you can’t choose the right one, it’ll cause trouble in your life. Also, your and your family’s safety can be uncertain.

There I have tried to help you by informing you about some of the best garage door repair and installation services. If there are any other services that are not included in the given list, you can inform me. Also can share your experience if you work with the given company.

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