Top 8 Best Garage Door Repair And Installation Service In Chula Vista, California (CA) State

The garage door is a part and parcel of every residential and commercial space. It is very important to repair the garage door, as it is used on a daily basis.

In this article, I have handpicked some of the best garage door and installation services in Chula Vista, California. Check out the perfect one that suits you the best. 

Best Garage Door Repair In Chula Vista, California State

#1 Always Open Garage Doors

Always Open Garage Doors was established in 2012. They serve fast, easy, and reliable service. According to some customers, they even offer to replace or fix the little parts of the garage free of charge.

They also give some tips on garage maintenance. Their service providers are genuinely nice guys and I think you will definitely think of them when it’s your turn to replace your own garage door. They respond very fast and confirm your appointment as soon as possible.

If you have some problems with the fixed date, let them know your preference. They spend time with customers troubleshooting their garage door on the phone.

One of the few businesses that are honest and don’t rip off customers. Don’t hesitate to hire this company for your garage needs.

Garage Door Service Information: 

  • Address: 399, Inkopah St, Chula Vista, CA 91911
  • Phone: +1 (619) 955-3973

#2 Easy Access Garage Doors

If you are looking to repair your garage door at a reasonable price, Easy Access Garage Doors is your perfect destination. You will be able to get a reasonable price to replace both springs and also schedule same-day service with Ivan.

They are very efficient as the job is done in 20-30 minutes and they wear masks the whole time. They have great communication throughout from scheduling to completion of the job. Some of the customers said about their service.

It’s positive towards their service. It shows their commitment to their work and the service they provided to their customers.

They were very professional and installed the pre-purchased and new high-tech opener with wifi capabilities with ease. I highly recommend this company.

Garage Door Service Information: 

  • Address: 2471, Main St, Chula Vista, CA 91911
  • Phone: +1 (619) 423-3231

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#3 Stanley Garage Door Repair Chula Vista

Stanley Garage Door & Gate Repair is a trusted garage door & gate repair and installation service company. It is for both residential and commercial properties. You will be glad to know that every customer that puts their trust in Stanley Garage Door & Gate Repair, is pleased with their service.

Their professional garage door repair technicians offer services including repairs to an existing garage door or garage door opener to the option of replacing new garage doors and motorized gates. When you hire them, you will certainly get what you actually want from them at a very reasonable price. Definitely, you can give them a chance to repair your garage door.

Garage Door Service Information: 

  • Address: 784, Bay Blvd, Chula Vista, CA 91910
  • Phone: +1 (619) 864-7691
  • Website:

#4 Sweany’s Garage Door Service

It’s a fantastic family business. If you live in the Chula Vista region and need your garage door to be restored to its original condition. No matter what problem you have with your garage door, Sweany’s Garage Door Service has a solution for you.

They cater to the customer’s needs. They have a group of highly professional and enthusiastic people who are always ready to help you. They come out quickly to go over the spot.

You can reschedule for your problem with the garage door. According to one of the customers, he started using their services in 1988 and he is satisfied. It’s a highly recommended garage door service in Chula Vista.

Garage Door Service Information: 

  • Address: 308, E James St, Chula Vista, CA 91910
  • Phone: +1 (619) 422-4073

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#5 Custom Garage Doors Repairs Co

Sometimes you will face difficulties opening your garage door due to not finding the right opener. Based on the type of garage door, there are hundreds of different openers. Finding the right one is like finding a needle in a haystack.

In Custom Garage Doors Repairs Co, the experts can fix any model. So, you won’t have anything to worry about. Their service is very fast and reliable.

You will get the best of their service at a very reasonable price. Most of the customers are pleased with their service.

Even if you need new springs for your very old garage door, they will drop them off or install them at a reasonable price. If you need any garage parts I would suggest you give him a try.

Garage Door Service Information: 

  • Address: 480, 3rd Ave, Chula Vista, CA 91910
  • Phone: +1 (619) 821-9478

#6 C&C Overhead Doors

It’s difficult to find a reliable service in the Chula Vista area. With so many options to choose from, you can often get confused when making perfect decisions. From some of the best garage door services, one name definitely comes out.

That is C&C Overhead Doors. You can get affordable services from them in a very short period of time. From garage door cables to springs, C&C Overhead Doors can fix anything related to garage doors.

A garage door can have several issues. Sometimes it can make noises while other times it moves slower than before. This company is capable of handling any issues.

They will inspect your garage door thoroughly and give you the best solution. I highly recommend this.

Garage Door Service Information: 

  • Address:707, L St, Chula Vista, CA 91911
  • Phone: +1 (619) 750-9026 
  • Website:

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#7 California Garage Door Gates

For increasing the life of your garage door, you must keep every part of the door fully functional. This includes the springs, openers, tubes, and cables. California Garage Door Gates specializes in all of them.

If just small repairs are required, they will complete them promptly and at a reasonable cost. If your door needs replacement, they will carefully replace the parts with some of the best brands which are made in the USA.

Customers have been more than satisfied with their services. They admired how professional and clean their work is.

You will be shocked at the great price he is going to give you once he is done, it is beyond reasonable. So I recommend this company.

Garage Door Service Information: 

  • Address: 1717, Bouquet Canyon Rd Chula Vista, CA 91913
  • Phone: +1 (619) 654-4788

#8 Republic Doors and Gates

John Hernandez and Crew at Republic Doors and Gates do an outstanding job. He is easy to work with, very efficient, and knowledgeable. Usually, he comes out, discusses design options, and provides ideas for this custom gate fabrication and installation.

His follow-up and crew are excellent in making a solution. Republic’s price is competitive and coupled with John’s responsiveness and execution. You will be very happy selecting Republic & Team for your needs.

They work from custom designing to garage door installation, spring garage doors and gates do it all. They provide high-quality products and garage door materials to the customers. You can seek their help with the smallest of errors in your garage door and they will get them fixed right away.

Garage Door Service Information: 

  • Address: 1826, Gotham St Chula Vista, CA 91913
  • Phone: +1 (619) 941-1881
  • Website:

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Final Thoughts

You may often come into trouble with your garage door. Sometimes it can be irritating. But when you know exactly where to go for garage door services, everything becomes easy.

That’s why I have selected some of the best garage door repair and installation services in the Chula Vista area for you. Choose the one that suits you and watch as they transform your broken, old garage door into a new one.

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