Can You Just Replace Garage Door Panels? 8 Things To Know

While thinking about your home security, you cannot ignore the importance of your garage door. It protects your garage and prevents unwanted visitors from peeking and breaking in.

What can you do if your garage door panel gets damaged? Are garage door panels interchangeable? Do you need to change the whole door?

In most cases, you can replace garage doors easily. Manufacturers make the panels of the same model with the same features. So, if one of your panels gets damaged, you do not need to get a brand new door. You can simply replace it.

But if your garage door is customized or made only to fit your garage, it will be a little difficult. I have explained the steps to replace garage door panels and make your garage door safe like new.

Can You Replace Single And/Or Double Garage Door Panels?

Yes, you can replace both single and double garage door panels. Replacing a single garage door panel is simple. You need to detach the damaged panel from the garage door and replace it with a new one. 

For a double garage door panel, the process is quite similar. If you do not need to replace both the panels that are parallel, the first thing you need to consider is if the new panel matches its parallel pair or not. If it matches, you can then replace it following the same steps.

Replacing garage door panels is an easier and more economical choice. It is a better alternative for both cases of single and double garage doors.

However, if the panels don’t fit properly, it can cause future problems. So, get the exact same size panel.

Can You Interchange Different Parts Of Garage Door Panel?

If you are thinking about replacing your garage panel, get to know about the door parts. Get to know if the replacement will hinder the functionality of your garage door.

While handling a damaged garage door, it is also important if the damaged part is affecting others. Here I have explained different factors of replacing garage door panels.

Can You Replace Just One Panel Of Your Garage Door?

Yes, you can replace just one panel of your garage door. You must detach the panel from other door parts and remove it from the frame. Then install a new panel.

Replacing a single garage door panel is easier and less costly than changing the entire door.

When replacing just one panel, before removing all the screws and hinges, make sure that it does not fall off suddenly. You can use a floor Jack or come along to provide support.

After giving enough support below and over the panel, start removing the attached wires and hinges so that the other panels don’t move.

Can You Replace The Top Panel Of Your Garage Door?

The top panel of your garage door is different from other panels. It is directly connected with the motor and the springs. So, some changes need to be made to make a panel the top panel of your garage door.

If you buy a cookie-cutter door, you will see that the manufacturers make the top panel a little bit differently. You cannot interchange the top panel with other panels. But you can change the top panel if it gets damaged with a new top panel.

Replacing a top panel needs care and patience. You cannot just drop all the weight and remove the top panel without any prior preparation.

Read the manual properly and get a hold of all the connections. Then support other panels so that they do not leave their place when they’re detached.

After taking all the precautions, remove the hinges and springs before pulling out the panel. Then place the new panel and connect all the wires and screws properly.

Can You Replace The Bottom Panel Of Your Garage Door?

Yes, you can replace the bottom panel of your garage door. The bottom panel needs to be in good shape to ensure that the door is locked properly.

The bottom panel has a safety beam, photo eyes, and insulation attached to it. So, it is a little different than the rest of the panels. In some models, you can modify any of your panels as a bottom panel. But other models do not allow that.

Before replacing the bottom panel, you need to understand its parts and connections. Then you can replace it with a similar panel if you have the proper instruments.

If you are new to this task, you better contact a professional. Make sure you do not damage the panel while changing it. 

Can You Interchange The Panels On Different Types Garage Doors?

You will find garage doors made of different materials. Each material has its specific benefits and uniqueness. Let’s get to know how you can change garage door panels made of different materials. 

Can You Replace Hardboard Panel Of Your Garage Door?

The use of hardboards is on the rise in the real estate industry and household instruments. Hardboard garage door panels are one of the most common types of garage door panels. If one of your hardboard garage door panels gets damaged, you can easily replace them. 

Usually, hardboards are difficult to repair. So, a damaged hardboard needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

As hardboards are not so expensive, many people prefer to use them. If your garage door is custom-made, consult the manufacturer or a professional before making any changes.

For cookie-cutter garage doors, the procedure is comparatively easier. You just need to find out the model of your garage door and contact the manufacturer company to get a replacement. Depending on where you live, it might take a few days to get that.

Can You Replace Steel Garage Door Panels?

Steel is one of your top preferences if you are looking for a durable and flexible garage door. The steel garage door is quite popular. It is easier to find a replacement for garage door panels. There are various style options for steel garage doors. 

But it is not always necessary to replace your garage door panel. If the damage is a small bump or scratch, you can fix it, and the door will work just as fine.

However, if the bump or crack is large and you cannot repair it, you need to replace the panel to ensure security. You will find various options in the market. The only thing you need to remember is if the dimension of your new panel matches other garage door panels.

Can You Replace Wooden Panels On Your Garage Door?

Wood garage doors add a vintage and classic look to your house exterior. If you are looking for a natural insulator and finely finished look, wood is your first priority. But taking care of wood doors can be a little difficult. 

Wood tends to crack or swell in humid weather by absorbing moisture. If that happens, you will need to replace the cracked portion. You do not need to replace the whole wooden door.

However, you might also consider replacing your damaged panel with aluminum or steel panels. It is not impossible to do so.

But it can be difficult to maintain multiple materials in one door frame. Also, it affects the look of your door. Your door will not look as sophisticated as before.

Can You Replace Glass And/Or Fiberglass Garage Door Panels?

For humid or warm weather, you can use fiberglass as an alternative to wood. It is an economical choice to get insulation and avoid shrinking or cracking on the door.

Changing fiberglass garage door panels is not difficult. Get a panel with the exact same measurements as the one you want to replace and replace it.

To replace glass door panels, you need to stay alert. Glass doors are less flexible and durable than steel or aluminum ones. So, while removing and replacing the panel, be careful not to crack or damage your new panel.

A glass door will allow more lights to enter the garage. Also, if you want your door not to shrink and give a transparent view, a glass door is the best option.

Can You Replace Your Garage Door Panels That Have Windows?

If your garage door panel is damaged, you must repair them whether they have any windows or not. If your garage door panels have windows, they are constructed differently than other panels. So, you will not be able to replace them with the one that does not have any windows.

But if the windows are included in the design, then replacing garage door windows panels is not a difficult task. You just need to contact the manufacturers and ask for a replacement.

If your panel is customized, the task will be a little difficult. You will need to do all the customization again for the panel to fit with other panels.

Can You Replace Roll-Up Garage Door Panels?

Usually, the garage doors of the same model contain the same type of panels. So, manufacturers make the panels so you can interchange and use them. If your roll-up garage door has multiple panels and they are not custom-made for your garage door, then you can find a replacement for them. 

If you want to replace any of the panels of your roll-up garage door, all you need to do is identify your door model. Then contact the manufacturer and ask if there is any spear panel. Usually, you will get the replacement that will take the vacant place of your damaged panel.

In case the panel is not in stock, the manufacturer will inform you and give you a solution. But that is highly unlikely. Even if it is a glass replacement panel, you are most likely to be able to use this method. It is applicable for any type of roll-up garage door.

Can You Interchange A Dented Garage Door Panel?

To interchange a dented garage door panel, first, you need to determine how damaged the panel is. Sometimes the dent is light and you can just fix it with a little help. You will not need to replace the whole panel.

But sometimes the dent can be quite deep and the effect will last even after the fixing. If that is the case, you can replace the dented garage door panel. You will not need to replace other panels if they are not damaged.

To replace the panel first you need to separate the panel from the other panel. You can remove the hinges and use a come-along to keep the damaged panel separate. After removing all the connections, pull the dented panel and replace it with a new one.

The process is quite simple if you carefully handle it. If it feels difficult, you can always take help from a professional.

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Garage Door Panel?

The time you will need to replace a single garage door panel depends on different factors. Some of them are the model of your garage door, difficulties, your experience, and the number of hinges you need to undo and redo.

If you are experienced, you might need around an hour or so to replace the panel. But it may take longer if you do not have any prior experience. 

There are different types of garage doors and their panels are quite different from each other. So, you cannot actually judge how much time it will take depending on other models.

To keep your garage door repair or replacement process smooth, you also need to have all the required tools in hand.

Product Recommendations

Here, I have recommended a few products that will help you to keep your garage door in a good shape. If you want to repair or replace your garage door, these products will help you in that task also.

#1 Recommended Best Lubricant: Door, Lock, And Hinge Lubricant

Keeping your garage door in its best condition can save a lot of money and trouble for you. This lubricant will help you to keep the garage door running for a long time.

You can use it on different types of surfaces. It works well with the hinges, joints and any intersections that you need to keep in a good shape. It will also protect your metal door parts from getting jammed and rusted.

One of the best budget-friendly options for you. If you want to get an effective and economical solution for any door, this lubricant works like magic.

#2 Recommended Garage Door Opener : Genie GUK-R Wireless Universal Garage Door Opener

To maintain the security of your garage door, a safe lock is a must. This wireless garage door opener is one of the safest wireless locks.

It will not only help you to open and close your door easily but also distinguish your garage door lock from others. So, other people won’t be able to open your door with their locks. 

Only with a few clicks, you can get rid of all the unnecessary worries and prevent others from sneaking into your house. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to install this lock either.

It is quite a convenient and economical alternative to high-end security locks.

#3 Recommend Best Tool Set : DEKOPRO 168 Piece Socket Wrench Auto Repair Tool Combination Package

To replace your garage door panels or repair any type of damage, you need a suitable tool kit. This auto repair tool combination package is quite handy. It has various types of tools that will help you to repair any type of garage issue.

If your garage door does not need any special tools for repairing work, you will be able to repair the door yourself using these tools. So it’s a great treasure if you are going to take measures yourself.

This package might be a little expensive. But it is a lot cheaper than the individual tools or other packages. Also if you want to customize your toolbox, it will at least take 2 or 3 times more money.

So, get your hand on this tool box before it go out of stock and enjoy your repairing experience.


The garage door plays a crucial role in your home security. So you cannot keep your defective garage door unattended. But sometimes it is difficult to replace the whole garage door.

Knowing how you can deal with garage door panels can save you in that situation. So, I have shared all I know about repairing and replacing garage door panels with you.

Did these tips help you? Let us know what you think.

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