Can You Just Replace A Garage Door Opener Motor? 5 Things To Consider

Nobody likes to keep their house, the safest place to return to, unprotected. But you might forget to take care of your garage door. Your garage door opener keeps your door protected and ensures the safety of your asset.

But it can be troublesome if your garage door opener motor does not work properly. In that case, can you just replace a garage door opener motor? Or do you need to change the opener altogether?

Replacing a garage door opener motor can be more convenient. Here, I have discussed how to replace the garage door opener motor and what you need to consider during the replacement process.

So without any hesitation, let’s get into it.

Is It Good Or Bad To Replace The Motor In The Garage Door Opener?

For the safety of your house, functioning your garage door opener perfectly is necessary. You cannot neglect the condition of your garage door opener. If it does not open and close properly or the motor does not work when needed, you might need to replace it.

But you cannot blame the motor for all the problems with the garage door opener. You need to check the condition of the connections and the frame of your garage door opener and look for any blockage.

However, changing the motor without checking properly can cause unnecessary spending. If the motor can be repaired, it is better to do that instead of replacing it.

Can You Just Replace A Motor In Any Type Of Garage Door Opener?

Except for the manual garage door opener, all types of garage door openers depend on motors. If your motor does not work well, you cannot use most of them.

Let’s learn if you can replace the motor of your garage door opener.

Can You Replace The Motor In The Chain Drive Garage Door Opener?

Yes, you can change the motor in the chain drive garage door opener. The parts of your garage door opener can be separated from each other. If they get damaged, you can replace the damaged part instead of changing it altogether.

Chain drive garage door opener is one of the oldest versions of automatic garage door openers. They are also durable and affordable in price.

Can You Replace Motor In Screw Drive Garage Door Opener?

Belt drive garage door openers are smoother than chain drive garage door openers. They are an upgraded version of the chain drive garage door opener. So, you can also change the motor of the belt drive garage door opener.

Among all the garage door openers, belt drive openers are the quietest. They always need the support of a motor to run smoothly. Though you can change the motor alone, you cannot leave the damaged motor without fixing it.

Can You Replace The Motor In The Jackshaft Garage Door Opener?

Jackshaft garage door openers cannot function without a motor as the motor is mounted directly to the torsion tube. You cannot move the tube even an inch if the motor does not work.

But if your motor gets bad, you do not need to change the whole opener. You can disconnect the motor from the opener and replace it.

Jackshaft garage door openers are expensive. So, you’ll want them to last a long time. You can maximize the storage space and keep it in good shape with little maintenance.

Can You Replace The Motor In Sectional Garage Door Opener?

You can change the motor of your sectional garage door opener if it is stuck or showing any problem. Don’t worry about the whole setting. Sectional garage door openers are being popular for household uses day by day.

These openers can be used from sectional to tilt garage doors. They are versatile and reliable companions for the safety of your house.

So go for your sectional garage door opener without worrying about the complication of replacing your motor.

Can You Replace The Motor In A Smart Garage Door Opener?

Nothing can beat the smart door opener if you want an advanced option for your garage door. The garage door opener is automated and dependent on technological advancement. So you cannot ignore the condition of its motor.

You will need a strong motor for your smart garage door opener. You can replace your motor if you want to upgrade or change it. Smart appliances are sophisticated, so you need to be mindful while handling them.

But it is not impossible to remove the motor from your smart garage door opener. Replace your motor whenever you need and give your garage door opener a longer lifetime.

Can You Replace Motor In Direct Drive Garage Door Opener?

Direct drive garage door openers are perfect for low maintenance. You can easily change the motor of your direct drive garage door opener.

As direct drive garage door openers come with a lifetime warranty, it would be a waste if you could not replace the motor once it is damaged. If you don’t want to worry about the longevity of your garage door, a direct drive opener is a smart choice.

Can You Replace The Motor In The Drawbar Garage Door Opener?

The replacement of a drawbar garage door opener is not difficult. You can change the motor whenever you want.

You might think that the cost-effective options are troublesome. But drawbar garage door openers are not like that. Though it will need a little more maintenance than a direct drive opener, your garage door opener can have a long life and serve you well.

Can You Replace The Motor In The Hoist Drive Garage Door Opener?

Yes, you can change the motor of your hoist drive garage door opener. Hoist drive garage door openers are famous for their heavy duty service and the ability to work even in a power outage.

Because of its ability to handle heavy doors, you can use hoist drive openers for industrial purposes. You will need a strong motor to run it.

Hoist drive garage door openers are convenient if you are maintaining a large garage. It will be troublesome if you need to change the whole garage door opener system because of every small issue.

You can change the motor of your hoist drive garage door opener with a suitable one if needed.

How To Replace A Garage Door Opener Motor?

You can replace your garage door opener motor by following some simple steps. I have divided the whole process into easy steps to help you understand.

  • Step 1: Disconnect the power 

You need to disconnect the power source before anything else. You can do that by turning off the circuit breaker for the garage door or unplugging the garage door opener.

After disconnecting the electric supply, you need to wait for a few moments.

  • Step 2: Take down the opener

You need to pull down the emergency release to take the garage opener down. Shut the garage door if it is not closed already. 

Then remove the fastening ring and pull out the clevis pin, which connects the straight and curved arms with the garage door.

Lower the straight and curved arms down. Rest them against the garage door.

  • Step 3: Take down the rail 

Now, open the light cover of the garage door opener. Take a photo of the connections so that you can remember them properly and reconnect the wires at the exact position.

Disconnect the wires from the opener.

Remove the nuts and bolts that connect the motor with the ceiling bracket. Removing them will help you to lower the motor and change it. While removing the last bolt, support the motor with one hand so it does not suddenly fall off.

Now carefully lower the motor and slowly place it on your work table.

  • Step 4: Disconnect the rail 

As you have already disconnected the motor, now remove the fastener screw from the head header bracket and the rail.

Pull the clevis pin out and lower the rail. Rest the rail on a step ladder or any other platform that will keep it parallel to your work table. It will help you to work with your motor without much difficulty.

  • Step 5: Release the chain/belt 

Slide the outer trolley away and keep it ditached from the inner trolley.

Now loosen the spring nut. Squeeze the spring using Chanel lock pliers. It will help you to unhook the trolley connector. 

After you unhook the trolley connector, release the spring tension. Remove the screw that connects the belt cap and the motor Body. Pull the belt cap off and release the chain/belt from the motor pulley.

  • Step 6: Remove the motor cover 

Remove the light cover and the bulb from the motor. Then unmount the screws and take off the battery cover. 

Pull out the battery.

Disconnect the wires from the battery.

Remove the retainer clip from motor pulley and pull off the pulley.  

Now carefully the motor cover.

  • Step 7: Pull out the motor 

Remove the motor mounting screws. While removing the last screw, carefully hold the motor, so it does not fall off.

Flip the motor unit carefully. 

Disconnect the wire harness from the logic board and the sensor. 

Pull the motor out.

  • Step 8: Install a new motor 

Position the new motor and put it in the motor case.

Plug in the wire harness to the sensor and the logic board.

Flip the motor carefully.

Install the mounting screws and the motor cover.

Install the pulley. 

Connect the battery with the wires and re-install it.

Adjust the battery cover, light bulb, and light cover.

  • Step 9: Re-install your garage door opener belt 

Wrap the belt around motor pulley and re-install the cap. Compress the spring and hook with the trolley connector. Tighten the spring nut.

  • Step 10: Re-install the door opener 

Reconnect the rail to the header bracket. Put the clevis pin and secure the rail.

  • Step 11: Install the motor unit 

Re-install the motor unit to the ceiling bracket. Connect the nut, bolt and lock washer.

Open the light cover and reconnect the wall control and safety sensor wires. Then close the light cover.

  • Step 12: Re-engage the trolley 

Reconnect the straight door arm and connect it to the outer trolley. Then fasten the ring using the clevis pin. Rearrange the trolley.

  • Step 13: Reconnect the power 

Now reconnect the power source. Plug the garage door opener in or turn the circuit breaker on for the garage door.

  • Step 14: Program the motor buttons

As the setup is complete, it is time to program the motor button to work properly. Open the light cover, and you will see an adjustment button and two indication buttons (up and down).

Press and hold the adjustment button. Release it when the up button flashes. Press and hold the up button and open the door. You can use the up and down button to get the door height you want. Press and release the adjustment button to set the up position.

Then adjust the down button following the same procedure. When the up button flashes again, press on it and check if the position is correct. Do the same with the down button. Now the programming of your buttons is done.

Is It Better To Repair Or Replace A Motor In Garage Door Opener?

If you are wondering whether replacing your garage door opener motor is worth replacing or not, you need to check the condition of the motor first. Repair or replacement needs to meet some requirements. When you can recover the usability of a motor by repairing it, why bother replacing it and spend more?

The first step is troubleshooting. Check all wires and connections. You do not need to replace the motor if there is a power supply or wiring issue. You can solve the issue, and the motor will work fine. 

If the motor is faulty, you can ask for expert opinions if it can be repaired. Don’t try to repair the motor yourself if you are not experienced.

Replace the motor if it is damaged beyond repair. Repairing is better when possible because it costs a lot less and increases the longevity of your motor.

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Motor In A Garage Door Opener?

Replacing your garage door motor is not a long process. An hour or two might be needed to complete the process. Your time depends on the process’s complications and your skill. You will need longer if you conduct the process for the first time.

The process of replacing a motor includes multiple steps. Putting off the old motor and replacing it with a new one does not take much time. But removing the screws and connections and rearranging them can take a while.

Product Recommendations

You will need additional tools and instruments to run your motor perfectly. Here are a few tools to make your motor work even more effectively.

#1 Recommended Battery : CHAMBERLAIN / LiftMaster / Craftsman 4228 Replacement Battery For Battery Backup Equipped Garage Door Openers

To run your motor perfectly, you need a strong and powerful battery. This replacement battery is suitable for motors of different brands and serves for a long time. You will get a 2 years warranty and excellent service. 

The battery matches perfectly with different motors and is almost identical to real batteries that come with the motor. The quality of this motor makes users come back to it.

If you are looking for a more economical and suitable solution for your garage door opener, this replacement battery is one of a kind for that.

#2 Recommended Garage Door Opener Keypad: Genie GUK-R Wireless Universal Garage Door Opener Keypad

A good-quality keypad can give you more control over your garage door. This universal keypad goes well with various brands and different types of garage doors.

Though your garage door opener keyboard is not physically connected to the motor, it commands the motor to function properly. So, the quality of the product is really important.

This keypad is perfect for maintaining quality and good condition for a long time. It will ensure your safety by protecting your garage door motor from other signals. Also, you do not need to pay a hefty amount for that, and it can protect your garage door from thieves.


Your garage door opener protects your garage and your entire house. So you must keep the opener in good condition to have safety and maintain a stress less lifestyle. Even so, can you just replace a garage door opener motor if necessary? The answer to this question can save a lot of trouble.

I hope the answer and discussion of this topic helped you to secure your home. Let us know if you feel any difficulties or if there is anything you want to share about.

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