Can I Add A Door To My Garage? How To Install A Garage Door?

Whenever I think of a garage door, the wide panels come into mind. But it is very difficult to deal with them every time I need to enter my garage to pick up any tool. To solve this problem, I have installed a side door. Now, if you are wondering, ‘can I add a door to my garage in a similar way?’, here I am with the answers.

Garage entry doors play a very crucial role in protecting your garage and house. You cannot always rely on the roll-up garage door when it comes to security and convenience. There are various options among the doors that you can use as a side door for your garage.

I have tried to answer the questions based on my knowledge. So, without any more delay, let’s get into it.

Do You Need A Permit To Add A Door To Your Garage?

Yes, you will need a permit to add or replace a door to your garage. Replacing or adding a garage door needs a permit to keep it safe and legal. Some contractors might say that it’s not necessary. But you must check the regulations before making the change. The requirements for getting a permit vary from state to state. So, understanding the regulations and requirements is a must.

It might cost a lot higher later if you ignore it now. Sometimes making minor changes does not need a permit. But adding a door is not a minor change and impacts your house’s security. So, don’t neglect the legal aspects of adding a door to your garage.

Why you should add a door to your garage?

There are multiple benefits of installing a door to your garage. Adding a door can help you access your garage from outside without opening the main garage door. It will also strengthen your safety as you can add an extra lock.

In winter, opening the garage door will be troublesome and make your house cold if you want to enter the garage. The side door can help you to deal with this problem and conserve the warmth inside. 

A garage door will help protect your vehicle and instruments from burglars. It will also conserve energy in winter.

Can you add an exterior door to a garage?

Yes, you can add an exterior door to your garage. usually, the garage door that you use is an exterior door. If you want to add another exterior door beside it only for entering a leaving the garage, you need to make the necessary changes.

Adding an exterior door is not against any rule. So it is not impossible to include them beside your usual garage door. But if you want to change the setting of your garage door, you need to choose a suitable door. Which will not make your garage door look ugly or hinder its performance.

Can you add a door from house to garage?

If your garage and your house are attached, then connecting them through a door will be a wise idea. You can add a suitable door from the house to the garage to enter and leave the garage freely.

There are different types of doors that you can add between your house and garage. You can use a fire-rated door to protect your house from any sparks or fire. You can also include different gears that will help you to strengthen your security and protect your house.

Can you add a side door to a garage?

Usually, when you think about adding a door beside your garage opener, you’ll think about a side door. If you include a door in the middle of your garage opener, It will be difficult for the door to function properly. But it is not entirely impossible.

Adding a side door to your garage is much easier than adding doors in other places. You can extend your door frame or cut a new frame on the wall to set the side door. This way, you will not need to change the existing garage door.

If you do not want to include an extra frame, you can change your existing garage door with a smaller one and add a side door beside that.

Can you put a man door in a garage door?

Installing a man door beside your garage door can give you multiple benefits. Especially if you do not want to roll up your garage door every time you need to enter.

A man door is a classic swing-style door that you can use whenever you want to enter a place. It is also known as a pedestrian door or wicket door. Adding a man door beside your garage opener will help you enter and leave faster.

You can install a wicket door in your garage door without adding an extra frame or adjusting your existing garage door frame. As these doors are quite small in size, they do not create any obstacle to the functionality of your garage door if your garage door is not too small.

Can you add a door to a garage door?

When you already have a garage door installed, it is natural to wonder if you can add another door beside your garage door. The answer is yes. You can add another door to a garage door.

Many people prefer a swing-style door for an entry door to make the entering and outing convenient. Adding a door beside your garage door can save energy and time.

Every time you want to take anything out of your garage, you do not need to roll up the garage door. Also, it prevents people from peeking into your house through your open garage door.

Does door to garage need to self-close?

According to International Residential Code, a garage door needs to be e self-closing. It is to prevent burglars and thieves from entering your house. The requirement has been added in the 2021 edition of the regulation.

You might forget to close your garage door when you are busy or occupied with something important. Also, you can be followed by any suspicious stranger who targets to harm you. If this happens, a self-closing garage door can prevent unwanted accidents.

With a self-closing garage door, nobody can enter your garage without permission or sneak in without notifying you.

How much does it cost to add a door to a garage?

The cost of adding a garage door varies depending on the door style and standard. You will get some good options for your garage door within $1000. But sometimes, you might need three or four times more.

If you want to add an exterior door to your garage, you will need more than $1,000 for the whole process.  The price also varies based on the materials of the door. For instance, fire-rated steel doors are more expensive than standard steel security doors.

How long does it take to remove and install a door to a garage?

The time to install a garage door depends on your door size and complications. However, the time you need to install your garage door is not fixed. If you are installing a new door, It will take around 3 to 4 hours. It might take less time for smaller doors.

To replace your garage door, you will need more time than installing one as you have to remove the garage door and install another one. As the replacement process is a combination of two processes, it will take one or two hours more.

What Materials You May Need To Add A Door To My Garage?

While installing your garage door or adding a side door, you will need the help of some other instruments. Here is some products that can make your garage door more secure and sturdy.

#1 Best Door Seal

Garage Door Top and Sides Seal

While adjusting the door or door frame, insulating them properly is very important. And this important task can only be relied on a good door seal. This garage door seal is strong and flexible, so you can use it to the gaps and insulate your door for any environment.

If you want to solve the problem by yourself, you can do that without any trouble. This insulator is easy to cut and install. It also comes with nails. So you will not need to purchase nails separately to adjust this PVC seal. A high-quality and economical solution for your insulation problem.

#2 Best Door Lock

Keyless Entry Door Lock – TEEHO Electronic Keypad Deadbolt with Keypads

Strengthen your security without compromising the look of your door. This door lock is perfect for your garage side door or entry door. The door provides strong security and anti-peeping facilities. You will not need to worry about others breaking into your house easily.

Also, as you can set multiple code and one-time codes, you can control who have excess in your garage. The lock runs on batteries. So, it will provide service even in a blackout. The easy installation makes it more desirable. 

With all these facilities, you might think that it is very expensive. But no, it is an excellent and affordable choice for any house owner.


Let’s learn to protect your garage without compromising its beauty and effectiveness. Before installing the door, I was also wondering, ‘can I add a door to my garage?’. But it totally changed my view and my life. It has made my everyday activities so much easier and more comfortable.

So, treat your house better with an additional garage door and save your energy as well. I hope my answers have helped you to decide and don’t forget to inform me about your experience.

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