Can You Fix A Bent Garage Door? How To Avoid Your Garage From Bending?

Everyone loves their garage door and they want to keep it as safe as possible. That’s where garage doors came in handy. But if that garage door has a bent, dent, scratched, etc, it won’t be able to give protection to your car.

So, you may get worried when you see your garage door is bent and ask yourself – Can a bent garage door be repaired? Can I repair the dent myself? Will the repair take a lot of money? The answer is yes, you can fix a bent in your garage door. The procedure and cost depend on the type of door. In most cases, the dent is easily fixed. Sometimes, the damage can be big and you may need to change the door

In this article, we will take you through the details of fixing a bent garage door. Read till the last to get tips about how to prevent the doors from getting bent. 

Can I Fix A Bent Garage Door?

Why Is Your Garage Door Bending In The Opening?

The door opener can cause the bar extension arm to be at an angle which causes the door to bend when you try to open it. The top panel might also be damaged which will cause the door to buckle in the opening.

If the door is showing symptoms of bending, you might want to check the rollers and tracks to make sure they are working properly or not.

Why Is Your Garage Door Bending In The Middle?

Your garage door might be sagging in the middle or bow towards one side. It might be because of the temperature difference between the outside and inside space of the door.

Because of it, the door tends to be bent in the middle from the top towards the hotter side. Also, your door may be stuck in the middle when you are opening it.

This may be because of something working as a blockage. If your door is cracked in the middle, this may also happen. 

Why Is Your Garage Door Bending In The Closing? 

If your garage door is not closing properly, there are some things that might be responsible for it. Because of it, your garage door’s bar might even be bent. Your door might be warped which is caused by high humidity and you can fix it.

There might be something in the path of the door and the sensor is making the door not be closed on that object. Also, the rail of the garage door might be damaged causing the door to get stuck.

Why Are Your Garage Door Rollers Bent?

If your garage door roller is bent, you will face difficulties opening or closing the door. The roller of the door might come off the track and cause it to bend.

At the bottom of the door, there are garage door rails that might be misaligned and come off track. The roller of the door may become dirty and get stuck.

Rollers can also be dented which will lead to bending if not fixed. If the rollers are not repaired, it can cause damage to even the top of the door.  

Why Are Your Garage Door Tracks Bent? 

We will be discussing the causes of bent garage door tracks here. The most common reason is that tracks are old and eventually get misaligned.

If the rollers are not properly lubricated, they might get stuck causing problems for the tracks. The cables responsible for uplifting the door might get damaged, causing the tracks to carry more weight and get bent.

You might yourself cause damage to the tracks by your vehicle. Your tracks, if bent, might be replaced or repaired as soon as possible. Mostly, the tracks are vertical. If it is not a serious problem, you can fix it yourself. 

Can You Fix A Bent In A Vinyl Garage Door? 

If you are worried about whether you can fix the bent of your vinyl garage door, the answer is yes you can.

You can easily get the dents out of your door by following some simple steps and using some chemicals. If the vinyl panel of your door is damaged, you can fix it or repair it if necessary. 

Is It Expensive To Fix A Bent In A Vinyl Garage Door? 

If the door is completely bent and you have no other option but to replace it, it might cost you only a couple of hundred dollars. If it is fixable, you only have to pay a small amount to repair it.

Can You Repair A Bent In A Fiberglass Garage Door?

According to experts, the dents, cracks, and bents of a fiberglass door can be repaired. However, this is a very complicated process as glasses are really sensitive.

If the door is warped, you need to take it to an expert technician because not everyone can do this type of work.

Is It Expensive To Fix A Bent In A Fibreglass Garage Door?

A basic fiberglass door repair takes 150-550 dollar. But if the door needs to be replaced, you need to pay the price of a whole fiberglass door.

Can You Repair The Bent Of Your Metal Garage Door?

Metal doors are one of the most common garage doors. It can also bend like other materials and is also fixable. If the bend is normal, you can just use a hammer to change it back into its place.

Metal doors can have dents and you can repair them by following some steps.

Is It Expensive To Fix A Bent On A Metal Garage Door? 

Fixing the bent a metal garage door is 125-300 dollar. It is not expensive as metal is a common material. But if it is warped or damaged badly, you need to go to a place to replace it. 

Can You Repair The Bent Of Your Aluminium Garage Door?

Aluminum is also used for garage doors. One problem with aluminum is that it gets dents easily which can cause the door to bend. If the dent on the door is minor, you can fix it easily.

But if it is unmanageable, you should hire professionals. The repair of the bend on the door or the track can also be fixed by using a hammer or taking professional service. 

Is It Expensive To Fix A Bent In An Aluminium Garage Door? 

The repairing cost is not expensive and it depends on the part which got bent. It may take 125-300 dollar to fix it.

Can You Repair The Bent Of Your Steel Garage Door? 

Very often, your steel garage door might have dents and the panel might be bent. Lacrosse balls, basketball, etc. can cause this. Steel doors can’t resist dents. But if you have a double steel insulated door, you can prevent it.

Otherwise, if your door has bent, you can fix it easily if it’s not something major. You can get the dent of the door by using some simple steps.  

Is It Expensive To Fix A Bent In A Steel Garage Door? 

Steel garage doors also cost the average to repair the bent. It will cost you 150-300 dollar which is not an expensive garage door repair service.

Can You Fix A Dent In A Wooden Door?

If you have ever punched your wooden garage door or have done damage to it somehow, chances are that it might have caught a crack or dent in its panel which needs to be repaired.

This dent can be anywhere on the top, middle, or bottom of the door. Also, you can see this dent even if you have plywood as material for the door. 

To fix the crack or dent, you just need to follow some easy guidelines using only knives. You need to fix the dent as it may present to you with a sagging wooden door which may get broken in the future.

Is It Expensive To Fix A Bent In A Wooden Garage Door? 

In most cases, you can do it yourself which is not expensive at all. In terms of big damage, it will not take much to repair it. It will take a standard amount like other doors. 

Can You Fix The Bent In A Garage Door Panel? 

Any type of garage door panel can get damaged for various reasons. A dent in most cases causes the bent. The panel can get cracked or sagged if the dent is not fixed.

If the dent is small, you can fix it easily by using a hammer, suction cup, or heat. But if the dent is bigger and complex, fixing that dented door will need professional attention.

The panel can be fixed temporarily or permanently depending on the structure of the panel. Sometimes, the panel can get too damaged in which case, you need to replace it.

Is It Expensive To Fix A Bent In The Garage Door Panels? 

You may have to spend $100-$200 depending on the material of the garage door panel. But if you need to replace the whole panel, it may cost 700-1400 dollar. 

How To Avoid Your Garage From Bending In? 

You can avoid all the hassle of fixing a garage door from bending if you can follow these steps: 

  1. Always inspect your rillar, tracks, etc. to see if they are working properly or not.
  2. Keep your roller or tracks lubricated to stop them from getting jammed. 
  3. Keep your garage door openers out of reach of children. 
  4. In most cases, garage doors get dented because of getting hit by a car or some other things. So, be cautious. 
  5. The door arms should be properly installed. Otherwise, they will cause the door to bow up. 
  6. The opener should hang 1-2 inches above the door. 
  7. You should provide support to the top section of your door with the help of a metal strut. 
  8. If your door is at risk of weather damage, you should take weather stripping measures. 
  9. Sometimes the material of the door is not strong enough and needs to be changed. 

You can follow all these steps as precautions to stop your garage door from bending.

Suggested Materials You May Need

#1 YIYITOOLS Straight Rip Claw Mallet : (Recommended Hammer To Fix Small And Fixable Dent)

To fix a dent, you will need a hammer if that dent is small and fixable. You can just strike with your hammer to fix the dent and put the door back into its place.

We suggest you use YIYITOOLS Claw Hammer for this. The steelhead of the hammer will be able to fix the bent of your garage door.

The fiberglass handle and its balanced weight will allow you to use it comfortably. You can also use it for other general purposes.  

#2 Pro SL Spray Grease : (Proposed Lubricant For Garage Door Rollers)

We also provide recommendations for the proper lubrication of your garage door rollers. Garage Door Pro SL Spray Grease Lubricant is perfect for the job. It is specially made for garage doors.

It also provides longevity for your garage door. You can use it in any environment even in salt air environments. It will ensure that your garage door rollers are never stuck and don’t catch any rust. 

Over To You

Garage door bent is a big problem and no one likes when they see a bent in their garage door. That’s why we have tried to give you all the necessary information about garage doors so that you may become aware of the bent of your garage door or even not allow bents to happen.

Let us know if this article has helped you or not. If you have any more questions, please post them in the comments area below. You can also make suggestions to me if you have any.

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