Are Black Garage Doors A Good Idea? 4 Facts To Learn

Many people are unsure whether they should go with a white / neutral garage door or a black or dark color garage door for their home’s entrance. Is a black garage door considered modern?

Are black garage doors a bad idea? Installing a black garage door is not a good choice if you live in a warm area. Because black absorbs light, it will heat up your garage. Furthermore, unlike any other colored garage door, the color will fade with time. However, many individuals like a black garage door because it adds a touch of mid-century modern and contemporary elegance to their property.

In this article, I will discuss if black garage doors are trendy, whether you can paint them, and how to do so, as well as other matters.

Are Black Garage Door A Good Idea?

Do Garage Doors Come In Black?

Although black garage doors may not be the first color that pops to mind when you think of a garage door. They have been hugely popular. Various manufacturers now provide various colored garage doors, including the black ones. 

Installing a black garage door can solve your problem if you’re bored of staring at the front of your house because it’s too simple or monotonous. 

It not only adds some contrast to your property but also makes the outside appear fresher and more modern.

Does A Black Garage Door Look Good?

Customers desire to seek and purchase a black garage door is growing significantly these days.

Customers are also being influenced by this trend to update their old ones to black ones. However, some customers remain doubtful if black garage doors look good or not. Some have no idea of what a black garage door looks like.

Depending on the type of your home, black garage doors might give it a more modern and sophisticated look. They provide a trendy, aesthetic, and minimalist edge to your property rather than taking away from its architectural charm.

Are Black Garage Doors Trending?

There was a time when white or neutral garage doors were thought to be the best option. This standard has now been transformed into the bold and black garage door trend. 

This is linked to a trend that can be traced back to the mid-century. Such exterior and interior designed doors were seen during that time.

It has become a trend now. As a result, more people are interested in adding a black garage door to their homes. 

Customers who are updating their garage doors are choosing a modern black garage door to update the look of their home’s curb appeal. 

The color black gives a home’s entrance a sophisticated look. This is especially true when bright tones are being contrasted.

Can You Paint Your Garage Door Black?

Due to the popularity of black garage doors, several individuals are unsure whether or not they should or can paint their garage doors black. They also question whether black is a good color for garage doors. 

You can paint your garage door black if you want to. Before you start coloring, you should think about the weather. 

It is not a good idea to paint the garage door black if you live somewhere with a warm environment. Due to the light-absorbing ability, the temperature inside the garage will not remain ideal.  

If your living area climate isn’t particularly warm, you may go ahead and paint it black without hesitation.

Do Black Garage Doors Make The Garage Hot?

Though black garage doors are trending and make your home design stylish, it is not a great idea to install black garage doors in a warm climate.

Black garage doors are hot in the sense that their black color absorbs heat from the environment. Black garage doors will make the garage hotter. Moreover, the color will fade sooner than other colors.

Do Black Garage Doors Warp?

Yes, black garage doors warp. It happens because of the heat factor in the sun. As the color black draws light, it encourages heat factors to work. Warping and delamination of insulated doors may develop as a result.

Do Black Garage Doors Fade?

Yes, black garage doors fade faster than other colors since the garage door material may shatter and decompose. However, it may vary from material to material. So, I have mentioned about two types of black garage doors.

Do Black Steel Garage Doors Fade?

Steel garage doors are the most common, and most people think of garage doors when they think of garage doors. This garage door type has endured so long because of its dependability and durability. 

Black steel garage doors will fade away faster than any other color steel garage door due to the high draw of sunlight. The top layer of your garage door will be ripped off due to the high temperature. 

Do Black Glass Garage Doors Fade?

People are increasingly interested in adding a black garage door to their residence. A black garage door, no matter how tempting, looks to be a terrible choice in a hot area.

The garage will grow significantly warmer as black absorbs heat from the sun. Because the garage door material may shatter and degrade.

As a result of continual high-temperature differences, and the protective top coating has been worn away by the sun, it will fade faster than other colors. 

How To Clean Black Garage Door?

You can clean a black garage door in 5 easy steps. I have mentioned them below – 

  • Step 1: Use your sprayer to wash the garage door’s surface.
  • Step 2: Use an old towel drenched in warm soapy water and gently clean the door.
  • Step 3: Lightly spray the door with the hose to remove any remaining soapy water.
  • Step 4: Give sufficient time for the door to dry.
  • Step 5: If strong stains, such as grease or oil stains, remain after this process, wipe the surface with diluted bleach instead of soap.

How To Paint Your Garage Door Black?

You can do it in quite a few steps.

  • Power Wash: This is the initial step, which involves rinsing away all of the dirt and grime from the garage door. It is critical to do the task in such a way that the paint does not peel. If this occurs, you will need to use a scraper to even out the surface.
  • Choosing Paint: You’ll need exterior paint, a brush, a roller, and a rolling pan for this phase.
  • Using Painter’s Tape: You may use this step to tape around the garage door to keep the brick or cream siding from becoming stained.
  • Painting with a brush and roller: You may paint the garage door square by square with a brush. It will help determine which squares have received a second coat of paint and which will require one. You’ll need to paint the border first, then roll inside the box with a roller. If you use roller with a tray that will make your work so much easier. I have included a picture below to help you understand.
  • Painting the inside: This step can be skipped, but painting it will ensure that the color will completely cover your garage when you close it.
  • Drying: After you’ve finished painting, you’ll need to wait for the doors to dry, which will give you the required curb appeal.

How To Black Out Garage Door Windows?

It is possible to black out garage door windows in 5 steps. I have talked about them for your convenience.

  • Step 1: Count your windows.
  • Step 2: Purchase a black foam core with double the amount of windows and white cardstock with an equal number of windows.
  • Step 3: Remove the window frames from the windows.
  • Step 4: Measure them to the inside edge of the frame, then place the white one first, followed by the two black cardstocks.
  • Step 5: Then return the frame to its original location.

How Do You Black Out Your Garage Door Windows?

It is critical to black out your garage door windows so that direct sunlight does not get through. It’s also crucial to protect your privacy. You might be wondering how can you black out your garage door windows. 

This work can be done in a variety of ways. The expense of blacking out the windows in your garage is roughly $50 per window. However, if you’re seeking a low-cost solution, the video above could be useful.

You may use dollar tree foam core, which is an affordable foam core. You must trim them to fit the dimensions of your window. Take a measurement of the inner edge of one of your window frames for this. 

After that, add the white shine cardstock, black foam core, and the second black cardstock. Return the window frame to its original position.

How To Paint Metal Garage Door Black?

At first, remove all stains from the doors to avoid changing the color of the completed paint. Now apply at least one coat of metal primer to the whole metal door and frame if it hasn’t been previously primed. 

Allow time for the primer to dry before proceeding. It will not take more than 8 hours. To smooth out the color, open the paint tin and mix for approximately a minute with a decent spatula. 

If you’re planning to use a roller, go for the one made up of natural fibers rather than the artificial one. Moreover, you should use high-quality metal gloss paint and give it plenty of time to set.

How To Paint Aluminum Garage Door Black?

Before painting an aluminum garage door, at first you need to cover the ground around it with drop sheets. Using a paint scraper, you need to remove any crumbling or peeling paint. 

Now, you need to fill a bucket halfway with water and dish detergent. Using a scrub pad, now clean the aluminum. Using a yard sprayer, rinse the metal.

At this point, you need to follow the manufacturer’s directions for diluting the oil-based metal primer with paint thinner. 

Using smooth, sweeping motions and overlapping strokes, spray the black paint onto the surface of your garage door. 

Allow the paint to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You can apply many coats until the desired paint coverage is achieved.

Recommended Products

Bates Paint Roller 

This product is for you if you need a roller to paint your garage door black. Rollers with trays play an important part in painting.

Bates Paint Roller comes with 11 items of house painting supplies, so you won’t have to look for them all separately. This product is of excellent quality, and you do not need to be an expert to use it.

The brush’s synthetic filaments contain more paint, saving you time and ensuring a great finish in your garage. The cost is reasonable as well.

XFasten Blue Painters Tape 

When it comes to painting, XFasten Blue Painters Tape is one of the greatest painter’s tapes available. The brick or cream siding of your garage door will not be stained with this tape.

This tape has excellent adherence and will not pull off throughout the painting process. This tape is so gentle on materials like wood, cardboard, paper, and drywall that it won’t leave any sticky.

Or gooey substance or harm the surface when you remove it, which is ideal after you’ve finished painting. This tape has a total of 24 pieces and is reasonably priced.

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